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13 input (3 sat) multiswitches at the Satellite Superstore UK. 8-way, 12-way 32-way Primesat multiswitches. 5 input multiswitches, 9 input multiswitches, 13 input multiswitches, 17 input multiswitches, amps, splitters, 3X4 multiswitch, 3X8 multiswitch, 3X12 multiswitch, 3X16 multiswitch, 5X8 multiswitch, 5X12 multiswitch, 5X16 multiswitch, 5X24 multiswitch, 5X32 multiswitch, 9X8 multiswitch, 9X12 multiswitch, 9X16 multiswitch, 13X8 multiswitch, 13X12 multiswitch, 13X16 multiswitch, 17X8 multiswitch, 17X12 multiswitch. 17X32 multiswitch. Dishes with quatro LNBs. Diplexing outlet plates. Triplexing outlet plates.
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5 input (1Sat). 9 input (2 sat) 13 input (3 sat) 17 input (4 sat) amps splitters Dishes with quatro LNBs 4 LNB cable
Primesat 13 (3 sat) input Multiswitches.
Primesat 13 input, 8 output multiswitch

We have sold Primesat multiswitches for about a year and there has not been a single return so far. A reliable product.
The three satellite feeds could come from three dishes, or one fixed dish with three LNBs held on a bracket. (The three LNBs on a bracket
option works well if the satellites are close together, typically with no more than 20 degrees of separation). This type of system is
ideal for customers requiring (e.g.) the main UK channels from one satellite and a range of international channels from two other
satellites. e.g. UK channels from Astra 2 at 19E (freesat or Sky) and international channels from the Hotbird at 13E and Astra 1 at 19E.
Within the property, home, hotel, office etc. multiple satellite points can be fitted. One or more points in every room provides access
to all three satellites depending on which type of satellite receiver (set top box) or TV with built in satellite is to be used in
that area. 13 input multiswitches are ideal for providing multiple satellite points in homes, apartments, rooms or offices from
one - three fixed dishes. They can be used in both commercial and domestic applications. Many private customers now choose to
have satellite points in every room in the same way as mains outlets or network / internet points. Fitting a satellite provision
in every room means that multiple receivers can be used or receivers can be carried from one room to another if required. Multiswitches
are used in hotels to provide many TV channels for guests in their rooms. Schools, colleges and commercial buildings all use multiswitches.
Primesat 13 input multiswitches for 3 LNB / satellite inputs - these multiswitches can be powered by the receivers but they do come with
a power supply so that extra power can be fed into them. This may be needed if only a small number of receivers are connected at any
one time. These are probably the only 13 input multiswitch available in the UK. Usually
UK dealers only offer 5 and 9 input multiswitches. These multiswitchers also have a terrestrial input. The terrestrial signal is
encoded onto the satellite cable and can be accessed using the correct type of wall plate. If 3 aerials need to be fed into the
multiswitch, TV, FM and DAB, they can be combined using a combiner and then the one output of the combiner feeds into
the terrestrial input of the multiswitch. Again the aerials are accessed in the rooms with an appropriate wall plate.
A 230/240V to 18 volt power supply is included. These multiswitches work from a quatro LNB.

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Special Offer - Primesat MS138E 13 in and 8 out multiswitch with power supply.
Order code PR13X8E
Only 139.95

Click here to order a 13 input and 12 output multiswitch.

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I want to have multiple satellite points around
the house and multiple receivers. I also want to
distrubute the TV from one receiver to all TVs how
can this be done.


There are two parts to this question.


To provide many Sky or freesat dish points around the house you either need a quatro LNB on your
dish or a quatro LNB dish kit. see dishes with quatro LNBs
and a 5 input multiswitch (multiswitches are usually situated in a loft or cupboard or central area.)
see multiswitches
The quatro LNB (with 4 outputs) feeds the multiswitch using 4 LNB cable - see 4 LNB cable
Best to put two outlets in each room as it may be that twin tuner receivers
(record one channel and watch another) may be needed.
If so use the twin wall plates see outlet plates then scroll down to the twin units.
Use twin cable to each room. see Twin cable
For (e.g.) 6 rooms a 12 output multiswitch would be used. Twin cable to each room.
An aerial can be fed into the 5th input of the multiswitch if required.
Using a wall plate which has a diplexer built in, two satellite points and an aerial point is available.
The UHF Aerial signal is added to the satellite signal by the multiswitch and goes down the
same wire as the satellite signal.
If two or three aerials are required e.g. TV, FM and DAB radio, a 3 way combiner can be fitted on the roof and
the one cable from that unit goes into the 5th input of the multiswitch. Again the appropriate wall plate is
needed to separate them all out again. see multiswitch combiner
Standard Sky, Sky+ Sky HD freesat and freesat HDR and other receivers can then be connected
to the F connector wall plate.


distribution round the house needs a 2, 3, 4, 6 amp or (preferably) professional 8 way amp and cabling.
see Professional 8 way amp and Offer 1
but read the whole page.
This is to distribute TV from one receiver to other TVs around the house (one channel)
This can be done by feeding a cable from the room containing the sat receiver to the multiswitch location and
into the 3 way combiner then into the multiswitch.
However, the problem with this method is that the multiswitch will not permit the 9 volts to go through and
the TV Eye or omni link system to work for control.
It is better therefore to have a completely separate output system with separate cabling for the distribution system
This would mean 3 cables to each room, two for the satellite and one for the distribution. TV eyes for Sky receivers
Sky accessories
or omni link systems for freesat receivers etc.
see omni link kit
(and a modulator is required - same page)
This will allow full control of the Sky or freesat system from all of the rooms.

How to use mutiswitches and motorised in multiple rooms.
Using a 9 input Delta multiswitch, two satellites can be made available in every room.
This multiswitch could be fed from (e.g.) a dish on 28E for sky or freesat. This dish would have a quad
(not quatro) LNB. These multiswitches are designed for quad or octo LNBs.
A good example of a dish for this purpose would be -
The Triax 60cm solid dish with quad option
see Triax 60cm. (with quad LNB option)
The Triax heavy duty 60cm or 70cm dish with quad LNB option
see Triax heavy duty 60cm or 70cm dishes (with quad LNB option)
The clear 60cm dish with quad LNB option.
see Clear 60cm dish (with quad LNB option)
This dish would be fed into input 1 of the 9 input multiswitch (this is 4 inputs), 1-4, for the quad LNB.
Input 2 (i.e. from 5-8) would be fed by a motorised dish.
The motorised dish (e.g. 90cm Triax - see Triax 90cm motorised dish (with octo LNB option))
would have an octo LNB option (8 outputs)
4 of the outputs would feed into input 2 of the multiswitch (5-8)
A 5th output would go direct to the motorised satellite receiver. (or outputs 5 and 6 to a twin tuner motorised receiver.)
This receiver would be placed in the house where it can easily be accessed as it will control which 2nd satellite
it being offered to the multiswitch.
Let us assume the 9 input multiswitch has 16 outputs. That is to say twin cable to 8 rooms so that every room has
the capability of using a twin tuner receiver.

The system would then work in the following way -
Using any receiver into a twin satellite point in a room, 28E (Sky and freesat) would be available even if the
receiver was a dedicated receiver (like a Sky receiver) and does not have Diseqc switching PROVIDING 28E goes
into input 1 of the multiswitch.
Input 1 is the "relaxed position" of the switches (Input 2 is the forced position) therefore the signal will go
through input 1 whether the receiver has Diseqc switching or not.

If the receiver DOES have diseqc switching, then the second satellite can be selected.
If the motorised dish is (e.g.) on Hotbird, the second satellite available in every room would be Hotbird at 13E
If the motorised dish is (e.g.) on Astra 1, the second satellite available in every room would be Astra 1 at 19E
this system insures that everyone in the house can easily select the main UK satellite (Astra 2 at 28E) but would
also be able to access a second satellite and that satellite would be determined by the position of the motorised dish.
This system eliminated a particular problem. Within the menu of a satellite receiver you can't select Diseqc
switching (Diseqc 1.0 or 1.1) AND motorised (Diseqc 1.2) AT THE SAME TIME. This is why an octo LNB must be
used with these special quad / octo multiswitches. This system keeps the diseqc 1.2 separate from the
multiswitches and so it all works. It would not work with quato LNBs as the motor would not work between the
LNB and the multiswitch. There has to be a 5th output
to separately route through the motor to a control receiver.

Twin wall plates are needed in every room. The motorised receiver needs it's own cables directly from it's own dish.

This system also works for a 36 volt motor, here a V Box is used in the cable from the 5th output of the octo LNB
to the main motorised control receiver otherwise everything else is the same.

(All prices on this page include VAT.)

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