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Technomate Page 2. Single tuner Twin tuner
All Technomate ReceiversAll Technomate Receivers TM5400 Super USB
TM9100 Super
TM5200 super
TM7100 twin tuner PVR
TM6900 & 6800 Super Plus
TM600 TM5600 TM3500
USB 500Gb & 1Tb hard drives
All receivers. Fixed and motorised systems
Technomate High Definition TM7100Technomate High Definition TM6900 NEW TM7100HD Twin Tuner (triple tuner) 1Tb PVR Combo

TM6900 Super HD Combo
TM6800 Super HD
USB 500Gb & 1Tb hard drives

High Definition. Fixed dish systems and motorised systems.

Sky Plus
Amstrad DRX550
Thomson Sky Plus
Sky HD

ABIPBox HD Linux

The ABIPBox 9000 is now replaced with the Cube Revo. It is esentially the same.
Silver Cube Revo 500Gb
Black Revo 500Gb
Cube Revo Mini HD

freesat receivers
Humax HDR freesat
Sagem 500Gb freesat
Humax HD freesat
Grundig HD freesat

Humax 9300T freeview terrestrial PVR

Analogue satellite receiver Modern new analogue satellite receiver. Ideal for Eurosport in English on Astra 1 or French TV on 5W.

Dreambox DM8000 twin tuner receiver
Dreambox 8000 HD PVR

receiver and systems


Dreambox 600
Dreambox 800 HD
Dreambox 600 120Gb
Dreambox 800 HD 250Gb

Fixed dishes Triax 54cm 60cm Triax 80cm Triax 90cm, Triax 1.1m
Heavy duty 60, 70 & 90cm
Orbital 1.0m aluminium
Andrews 1.2, 1.8, 2.4m
Transparent 60cm and 85cm
Gibertini 1.5m dish
Single, Twin or Quad LNB upgrades. Wallmount options
Sky mini dishes Zone 1 & 2 Sky Mini Dishes
All weather dishes for Sky
Transparent Sky Dishes
Selfsat Dishes
Heavy duty 60cm 70cm and 90cm


Selfsat Single, Twin
and Quad

Transparent satellite dishes
Transparent 60cm & 85cm.
Transparent 85cm 3 Sat Kit
Transparent 85cm Motorised

2 satellite fixed dishes 6 degree monoblock Dishkit
3 degree Monoblock Dishkit
4.3 degree Monoblock
Dish kit

20 degree 2 LNB Dishkit

Inverto Mulitconnect system kits fit ANY dish.
Inverto 3 sat kits
Inverto 4 sat kits
3 sat 80/90cm dish kit
3 sat 85cm clear dish kit
4 sat 90cm dish kit
4 sat 1.0m dish kit
3/4 sat multiswitch dish kits

motorised dishes Dishes using Diseqc motors
Triax 80cm
Triax 90cm
Transparent 85cm
Orbital Aluminium 1.0m
Triax heavy duty 90cm

Heavy duty and larger motorised dishes
Andrews 1.2m
Gibertini 1.5m

Dish kits for caravans and motorhomes
Transparent 60cm Kit
Transparent 80cm Kit
Triax dish kits - 54cm 60cm 80cm 90cm, Orbital 1m kit
Maxview crank up
Automatic self seeking dish

Automatic and semi automatic roof dish kits

Automatic & Semi-automatic dish kits for Motor homes & RV's
Maxview crank up
Automatic self seeking dish

Large dishes for Spain
Large dishes for Spain
Orbital 1.0m dish
Andrews 1.2m dish
Gibertini 1.5m dish
Andrews 1.8m dish
Andrews 2.4m dish

All motorised dishes

Triax 80cm Triax 90cm
Transparent 85cm
Orbital Aluminium 1.0m
Triax heavy duty 90cm
Andrews 1.2m
Gibertini 1.5m

Satellite meters
Satfinder kit (shown)
SLX or Chess meter
Manhattan DSM-4S
Teleco meter.
Maxpeak SAM-lite meter
Satcatcher Digipro III
Lacuna meter
Lacuna meter for spain
Satcatcher Exel-TV


Single LNBs
Twin LNBs
Quad LNBs
Quatro LNBs
C Band LNBs
LNB Menu Page

Feedhorns Andrews feedhorn
Andrews feed with C120LNB
Universal prime focus feed
Universal prime feed & LNB
Invacom prime feedhorn
Invacom feed with C120LNB
Gibertini feedhorn
Universal offset feedhorn
Universal offset feed & LNB
Technomate TM2200 diseqc motor

Satellite Dish Motors
Technomate2300 Diseqc mot.
Technomate2600 Diseqc mot.
Raven (Andrews, Channel Master) motors.
Linear actuators 10" to 36"
Technomate2200 Diseqc mot.

Budget wall mounts - south facing and aboce the gutter Budget Wall Mounts
U Pole for 50-60cm dishes
U Pole for 50-80cm dishes
Fixed dishes elbow / up to 90cm
Above the gutter, 50mm pole, 1m & 2m mounts

Medium duty mounts
50mm T Mount
50mm elbow

Heavy Duty Wall Mounts - this one - 20 bolt fixing

South facing H/Duty mounts
50mm pole 450mm stand-off
76mm pole 450mm stand-off
76mm pole 550mm stand-off
Above the gutter mounts
50mm pole 300mm stand-off
50mm pole 450mm stand-off
76mm pole 300mm stand-off
76mm pole 450mm stand-off
76mm pole 550mm stand-off
3m pole options U clamps
Ground Stands
50mm pole ground stand
76mm pole ground stand
Folding Stand

Distribution amp. UHF Modulator. HDMI leads. Diseqc switches
SLX Omni Link. TV eyes for non Sky receivers.
SLX Omni Link with UHF modulator.
UHF modulator. (ideal for receivers needing a UHF output)
"X Ray" radio remote control extender.
UHF distribution amps
Modulator + Radio remote kit
AB switch. (switch two satellite feeds)
Aerial and satellite combiner down one cable
1Gb USB stick Europlugs
AV leads, scart, toss, UHF
HDMI and DVI leads, 1.0m, 1.5m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m

Video Mark video sender Superwand video sender SLX 5.8GHz video sender Video senders
Low cost Video mark

Low cost Superwand

New 5,8GHz SLX unit for not interfering with wireless networks.

Satellite Cables & Connectors Very low loss single / Reels
Webro WF100 single / Reels
Low cost single / Reels
Twin cable / Reels
4 LNB cable / Reels
F connectors
Professional F connectors
F tool / UHF connectors
Coach bolts and plugs
External wall plate
Internal wall tidy
Motor control cable

Budget meters -
Satmeter Kit
SLX or Chess
Digisat LCD
Digisat Pro

Professional meters -
Lacuna Lacuna NS
Satcatcher Exel-TV
Satcatcher Digipro III
Maxpeak SAM-Lite
Manhattan DSM-4S
Teleco DFS80
Compass Digital Compass

Made up cables Made up F cables single
Made up F cables twin
Made up F cables quad Compression F tool
Weather boots
Amalgamating tape
Euro plugs
Outlet plates
Single & double clips

Maxpeak terrestrial meter
Satcatcher terrestrial meter

All installition equipment including meters all on one long page.

(All prices on this page include VAT.)

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Freesat and Sky.

Freesat receivers / systems / mini dishes / accessories. The Humax HDR. The Segam.
The Sky Digital receivers / systems / mini dishes / accessories. The Pace DS440N. The Sky Plus.
Sky Digital accessories handsets, TV eyes, distribution around the house, wireless, offers, leads, etc.
Sky Digital dishes and LNBs single, twin & 4 out LNBs, Zones 1 & 2 mini dishes & larger dishes.
Freesat and Sky in Spain. 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m dishes for Spain. Satellite meters for Spain.

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Satellite Systems, Complete systems menu page Sky systems. Motorised systems. (motors)
Hotbird 13E systems (2 satellite) Astra 1 & Hotbird systems (3/4 satellite) Astra 2, Astra 1 & Hotbird etc. systems.
God channel 28E systems Free to air 28E BBC systems Sky systems. Sky + systems. Adult channel systems
Manhattan motorised systems. Icecrypt motorised systems. Dreambox motorised. Technomate satellite systems.

Satellite receivers, Receiver menu page. Sky Digital receivers Freesat receivers Blind search
Sky menu page Sky Digiboxes Sky Digibox. Sky Plus. Sky HD. Caravan receivers
Technomate TM5200 TM5400 TM5300 TM5500. TM9100 TM6900 HD Super. TM6800 HD Super TM7100.
Manhattan Plaza XT-M, XT-CM SAB500Gb Twin Tuner Brand new Analogue Receivers
Linux receivers Cube Revo Dreambox 600 800 8000 TM9100 PVR hard drive receivers or PVR ready
High Definition receivers menu page. Humax iChord Twin Tuner PVR Cube Revo Linux twin tuner PVR.
Technomate TM-6900 Super. Technomate TM-6800 Super Technomate TM-7100 Icecrypt S4000.
External USB hard drive for usb receivers Vantage HD 8000 Dreambox 800

Freesat HD Receivers

Satellite dishes, Dish menu page LNB menu page Sky dishes Wall mounts & stands Feedhorns

FIXED, Sky Triax 54, 60,80,90cm,1.1m Orbital 1.0m Andrews 1.0m 1.2m,1.8m, 2.4m Clear Transparent 60,85cm

MOTORISED, Triax 80, 90cm, Transparent 85cm Orbital 1.0m Andrews 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.8m

OTHER, Sky mini dishes All-weather Sky dishes Sky dishes for Spain 3/4 satellite dishes Dish motors Caravan dishes

Terrestrial PVR receivers, Topfield TF5810 Humax

Satellite & Terrestrial, Technomate TM-6900 HD Combo. Technomate TM-7100.

Brand New Analogue Satellite Receivers
(e.g. Could be used on Astra 1 to see Eurosport in English!)

Sky menu page Adult Cards CAMs freesat receivers LNBs Monobocks LNBs Feedhorns
Sky accessories Other Accessories Installation equipment Satellite Meters Caravan AV products.

Multiswitches Etc. Multiswitches 5 in and 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 out.
2 sat input mutiswitches (9 input) 4 sat input mutiswitches (17 input)
Sat and aerial combiners IF amplifiers Twin sat and UHF wall plates IF splitters

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