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Primesat multiswitch splitters. 5 X 10 splitter, 5 X 15 splitter, 2 satellite splitter, 3 satellite splitter. Satellite Superstore UK.. Multiswitches at the Satellite Superstore UK. 8-way, 12-way 16-way 24-way 32-way Triax multiswitches. 5 input multiswitches, 9 input multiswitches, 17 input multiswitches, amps, splitters, taps. 5X8 multiswitch, 5X12 multiswitch, 9X8 multiswitch, 9X12 multiswitch, 17X16 multiswitch, 17X12 multiswitch. Dishes with quatro LNBs. Diplexing outlet plates. Triplexing outlet plates.
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5 input (1Sat). 9 input (2 sat) 13 input (3 sat) 17 input (4 sat) amps 5 x 20 splitter Dishes with quatro LNBs 4 LNB cable
Primesat amplified multiswitch splitters.

Primesat multiswitch splitters.

These splitters are used to run two powered multiswitches from one quatro (or quad) LNB. Unlike other splitters
currently available, these splitters have built in amplification and so do not need an amp in front of them
to make up for losses. They are very good value. Low price and a built in amp. Power supply included.

Primesat 5 in and 10 out amplified multiswitch splitter.
Order code 5X10SPL
Only 49.95

Primesat 5 in and 15 out amplified multiswitch splitter.
Order code 5X15SPL
Only 69.95

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