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Satellite dishes with inclined orbit polar mount motors. 1.4m motorised inclined orbit satellite dishes. Dual axis 2 motor polar mounts. Quality 36V motorised satellite dishes and motor units from the Satellite Superstore. Triax, Raven, Andrews, Primesat, Channel Master motorised dishes. 36-volt linear actuators motors. The Raven 1.8m motorised dish. the Primesat 1.8m motorised dish, the Channel Master 1.8m motorised dish, the Raven 2.4m motorised dish, the Channel Master 1.8m motorised dish. The Primesat 2.3m motorised inclined orbit dish. Professional gamblers, betting, sport feeds, faster response times, faster satellite signals, sport betting, 422 feeds, 4:2:2 feeds
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Inclined orbit motorised satellite dishes - Raven 1.2m. Primesat 1.4m. Primesat 1.8m. Raven 1.8m. Primesat 2.3m / 3.1m
Primesat 1.4m motorised dish,
inclined orbit motor, matched feedhorn.
Ku band or / and C Band LNB options

Primesat 1.4m inclined orbit polar mount Primesat 1.4m Dish

Primesat matched feedhorn C120 flange single V Box front.

Primesat 1.4m dish with inclined orbit polar mount using two actuators
The 18 inch actuator can go on either side. The 12 inch actuator is for up and down adjustment. This is ideal for
tracking inclined orbit satellites. Two positioners are needed. These can be a Primesat PR1000 V Box for control east and
west using a modern HD satellite receiver in automatic mode or in manual mode and up and down using the Primesat EZ2000
positioner. Manual mode would be using the handsets which came with the positioners. All satellite positions can be stored.
For inclined orbit satellites a timing chart is useful but ring us for further advice on this subject. There are many options
shown below. There is a ground stand for the 1.4m dish. There are many LNB options including Ku Band single, twin, quad and
quatro LNBs and C band, C and Ku band LNBs. This 1.4m dish is made of aluminium and is one piece. (As a general rule, aluminium
is preferable to steel and 1-piece tends to be more efficient that "petalised" or segments.) This attractive dish comes complete
with a inclined orbit heavy duty polar mount with 2 actuators, a Primesat matched prime focus feedhorn, designed for this dish
and an Inverto c120 flange LNB with twin quad and quatro options (see below). There is also a C Band LNBF option, a Ku band
and C band LNBF option and a dual polarity LNBs option (see below). This dish fits on a 76cm diameter pole. Most of the polar
mount is "dipped galvanised" which is the best possible type of treatment for withstanding corrosion in high salt areas. Everything
about this dish is high quality. All of the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel except the main elevation adjuster which
is made of brass. Heavy duty genuine Superjack actuators are included. This is a very good price for a high quality high gain
one-piece motorised aluminium dish. We will ship to UK, EU or the rest of the world destinations. The 1.4m dish is available
with a heavy duty ground stand option below. A possible wall mount (depending on stand off distance required) is on
our wall mounts page. A standard (not inclined orbit) polar mount motorised version of the dish is also available
and a fixed Primesat 1.4m version of this dish is available. More information. More pictures
Technical - F/D Ratio - 0.41, Gain @ 10.95 GHz 41.8 dB, Gain @ 11.70 GHz 42.5 dB, Gain @ 12.70 GHz 43.3 dB
4 core motor control cable for these motors can be found on the cable page.
If you live in an area that receives regular snowfall, you may be interested in a satellite dish heater.
Shipping information.
Please note that due to the large volume of the 1.4m dish there are extra (top up) delivery charges for "out of area UK postcodes".
Most UK postcodes have no extra charges. Areas like the Scottish highlands are not covered. Therefore delivery
is included to selected mainland UK postcodes. There is a 15.00 delivery charge to offshore islands including Northern
Ireland to selected postcodes. If your postcode is not on the list, this may be because it is "outside of main city areas" and
so click on the link here to see if your post code is covered. If your postcode is on the list, delivery charges are in "included to
mainland destinations" (but remember to select the 15 option for offshore islands). Postcodes are provided by "Parcelforce".
If your postcode is not on the list, you will need a shipping quotation. If you place an order, the shipping quote will be emailed
to you. You can then either accept the quote and pay at the link provided, or decline the quote and your order will be refunded, or,
you may prefer to email us for a quote on the contact page. If your postcode is on the list please also note that next day
delivery is not available. This is a 48 hour "large item delivery service". Most UK postcodes are on the list.

Shipping options. (VAT info.) (Stock levels.)
Free UK mainland UK delivery to most post codes, (There may be additional charges to Scottish highlands)
so choose "UK mainland delivery included" - UK shipping option No 1. Click here for selected postcodes.
For "UK offshore islands including Northern Ireland by courier" to selected postcodes choose the 15 - UK shipping option No 2.
For all other UK destinations - choose shipping option 1. A shipping quotation will be emailed to you for a top up payment.
All internationals - Within the EU or outside of the EU - choose the "International quote by e-mail" shipping option (or ring us)

Primesat 1.4m inclined orbit motorised dish, 18 inch and 12 inch actuators,
feedhorn, Inverto single C120 LNB.

Order code PRIM14MI
Only 699.95

2 positioners option. - add a V Box and a EZ2000 to my dish order.
Discounted V Box. Normal price 59.95 - we are only adding 49.95 extra for the V Box. Save 10.00
Discounted EZ2000. Normal price 49.95 - we are only adding 39.95 extra for the V Box. Save 10.00
Order code OPTVPRI
Add only 89.90

Feedhorn and LNB options

Invacom feedhorn with twin Invacom c120 flange LNB Invacom feedhorn with quad Invacom c120 flange LNB

When ordering the dish above which includes a matched feedhorn you may wish to change the LNB from the single C120
LNB in your order to a twin, a quad or a quatro LNB or one of the C Band options below. We can take out the single C120
LNB, change it and charge you the difference in price. Buying these LNBs separately without buying the
dish kit should only be done from the LNB page.

Dish Option - Change the single C120 LNB for a twin Inverto Black Pro C120 LNB.
Order code OPTETWI
Add 30.00

Dish Option - Change the single C120 LNB for a Primesat quad C120 LNB.
Order code OPTPQCN
Add 180.00

Dish Option - Change the single C120 LNB for a Primesat quatro C120 LNB.
Order code OPTPQCM
Add 180.00

Options - Primesat C Band (C and Ku band) 60mm boss feedhorn / LNBF kits.
Change the Primesat feedhorn and c120 LNB for a C Band, C and Ku band, or dual polarity feedhorn and LNB kit. Note. The feed
support boss on the dish is changed from 23mm - 40mm to 23mm - 60mm and so fitting a 60mm C band feedhorn is not a problem.

Dual polarity feedhorn block type C Band LNB option Quad C Band LNB option Primesat 60mm feed support boss option Primesat quad C band LNB option

Dish option - Change to a Primesat C Band and Ku band LNB option.
Order code OPTCKUPG
Add only 90.00

Dish option - Change to a Primesat dual Polarity C Band feedhorn with
two C Band CPR229 flange block type LNBs.

Order code OPDP2LNB
Add only 165.00

Dish option - Change to a Primesat quad C Band voltage switching 13K LNBF.
Order code OPT4CLNB
Add only 60.00

Option - Primesat ground stand for the 1.4m Primsat dish

Ground Stand.

Manufactured by the Satellite Superstore. This option is only available if you are buying the dish kit above. For 1.4m
dishes use 6 feet (studs). 3 adjustable feet are included with the stand. See additional feet below. To buy this ground
stand on it's own (not with a system) go to the ground stand page or check out a heavy duty wall mount.

Primesat ground stand option for the 1.4m Primsat dish (discounted).
Our own "Primesat Vision" heavy duty range. Manufactured since 1991.
Discounted ground stand option when you buy a 1.4m Primesat dish. To buy this stand separately go to the Ground Stands page.
Order code OPTGR76
Add only 124.95

Option - Additional 3 feet for the 3 inch stand above
Recommended when used with 1.2m dishes.

Feet Feet

This discounted is an option (discounted price) when ordering a 3 inch ground stand. To buy these feet on their own (not
with a system) go to the ground stand page. Manufactured by the Satellite Superstore. An exclusive high quality product.

Option - Additional 3 feet for the 3 inch stand above.
Order code EXTRAF3
Add 30.00 for 3 extra feet.

Primesat 7680 Shim.
If you are using your own 76mm pole for the Primesat dish and you are not buying our ground stand option you will need
this spacer. If you are buying our ground stand option with the Primesat dish, the shim is included. More Information.
Order code 7680SPA

(All prices on this web site include VAT.)

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