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KA Band LNB. Triax twin output Ka band LNB, 19.7 to 20.2GHz band. Ideal for the Irish KA band satellite system, Ka band offset LNB with 40mm neck, Irish KA band LNB, twin LNB, L.O. frequency 21.2 GHz, Triax LNB, Low prices. Big Discounts, This LNB has a pull down cover to keep water away from the F connector connections
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Triax KA Band twin LNB.

Triax KA band LNB Triax KA band LNB

Ideal for the Irish KA band satellite system
Specifications - Input frequencies 19.7 - 20.2 Ghz, Output frequencies 1500 -1000 MHz, LO frequency 21.2 GHz, Noise 1.7dB,
(Noise figures at KA band 19GHz are always higher than at Ku band 11-12 GHz) gain 55dB Current consumption 180mA max,
F/D ration 0.6, load impedance 75 ohmes, 40mm neck, twin output.
This LNB has a pull down cover to keep water away from the F connector connections.

(We also sell the Triax HDS 110 satellite receiver. This is a low cost HD receiver with Ka (and Ku) band software.
It works with Ka band or universal LNBs. It is ideal for use with the Irish channels on Ka band from the satellite at 9E.

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Triax KA Band twin LNB.
Order Code TRKALNB
Only 29.95

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