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Feedhorns from the Satellite Superstore UK. Andrews Channel Master & Invacom feedhorns. Universal offset & prime focus dish feedhorn. Feed holder. C120 flange feedhorn & feed support boss kits, C Band feedhorns, feedhorns with inverto LNBs. KU band feedhorns. Offset feedhorns, offset feed. Special offers, low prices if you buy a feedhorn with an LNB. Feedhorns. Prime focus dish and offset C120 feedhorns. Raven, Andrews, Channel Master, Primesat feedhorns, Invacom feedhorn, Universal feedhorn. Feeds for satellite dishes.
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C Band
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Raven Feehorn Raven Feehorn with single LNB Raven Feehorn with twin LNB Raven Feehorn with quad LNB Raven Feehorn with quatro LNB Raven Feehorn support boss S Band LNB For offset dishes

Raven feedhorn only

Raven feedhorn with c120 flange LNBs -

Raven feedhorn with single Invacom or Inverto Black Pro LNB

Raven feedhorn with twin Invacom or Black Pro Inverto LNB

Raven feedhorn with Invacom or Inverto Black Pro quad LNB

Raven feedhorn with Invacom or Inverto Black Pro quatro LNB

Raven feed support boss

C Band Support Boss for Raven dishes

S Band LNB
For prime focus dishes

Invacom feedhorn with yellow cap only.
Invacom feedhorn, yellow cap and feed support boss.

Invacom feed with c120 LNB

Invacom feedhorn with yellow cap and single Invacom or Inverto LNB

Invacom feedhorn with yellow cap and twin Invacom or Inverto LNB

Invacom feedhorn with yellow cap and Invacom or Inverto Black Pro quad LNB

Invacom feedhorn with yellow cap and Invacom or Inverto Black Pro quatro LNB

Primesat feed support boss (No.1) For all 3 arm prime focus dishes.

c120 flange to WR 75 flange waveguide transition.

Primesat prime focus feedhorn
Primesat prime focus feedhorn
Primesat feed support boss
Primesat prime focus feedhorn F/D 0.41

Primesat feedhorn with single inverto Black Pro c120 LNB

Primesat feedhorn with twin inverto Black Pro c120 LNB

Primesat feedhorn with quad inverto Black Pro c120 LNB

Primesat feedhorn with quatro inverto Black Pro c120 LNB

Primesat feed support boss (No.1) For all 3 arm prime focus dishes.
C Band professional dual polarity feedhorn C Band professional single polarity feedhorn C Band feed support boss Dielectric plates

C Band menu page

C Band feedhorns

C Band professional dual polarity OMT feedhorn

C Band professional dual polarity OMT feedhorn with two C Band LNBs

C Band professional single polarity feedhorn

C Band professional single polarity feedhorn with one C Band LNBs


C Band offset feedhorn with feed support boss

C Band prime focus feed support boss

Dielectric plates

C Band menu page

Primesat LNBF for prime focus dishes. Primesat LNBF for prime focus dishes. Integrated LNB with feedhorn. Universal fit. Ku Band.


Feedhorn advice

Advice. The difference between offset and prime focus dishes

Click here for the Inverto LNB menu page.

Click here for every LNB and feedhorn on one long page.

What is an LNB ?

An LNB is the box of electronics on the end of the dish boom arm. It acts like a aerial masthead
amplifier. The signal (microwaves) reflect off the dish and into the feedhorn to the LNB.
Here it is amplified and the frequency is lowered. The lower the noise figure the better.
i.e. in simple terms, it pulls in the signal better. The signal is then sent down the coaxial cable to the
satellite receiver. Quality digital cable should be used. (not CT100 or RG6)
See our Satellite Cable for good digital cable.
A universal LNB covers the KU band from 10700 to 12750Ghz with LO frequencies of 9750 and 10600.
There are Single LNBs, Twin LNBs, Quad LNBs, Octo LNBs and Quatro LNBs. Single have one output,
twin - two outputs, quad - 4 outputs and Octo - 8 outputs. All outputs are the same and are equivalent to
a single LNB. A twin LNB could be used for two single tuner satellite receivers or a twin tuner satellite receiver
Quatro LNBs have 4 outputs and they are all different. Quatro LNBs can only be used with multiswitches.
There are also 40mm clamp LNBs and C120 LNBs. This refers to the way they fit on a dish. A 40mm LNB has an
integral offset feedhorn and fits to the most common types of offset dishes.
C120 flange LNBs fit on a separate feedhorn and could be used on either offset or prime focus dishes.
They are usually used on specialist high quality dishes.
Both 40mm and C120 LNBs could have single, twin, quad or quatro outputs.
At the moment only 40mm LNBs have octo outputs.
Using a quatro LNB and a multiswitch it is posible to have many more outputs. Even 32 outputs or larger.
A Sky mini dish LNB uses a fixing that is none standard and a tongue fits into the end of the boom arm
To find out more about LNBs and how the perform go to Getting More Signal.

Prime Focus and Offset Dishes.

Prime Focus Dish Prime Focus Dish

A 1.2m prime focus dish is shown above.
This type of dish is circular NOT oval. It has 3 feed support arms (some use 4 arms) and the 3 arms
converge in the centre. Each arm is 120 degrees apart. The feedhorn uses concentric scalar rings.
The concentric scalar rings reduce noise and improve signal to noise ratio with prime focus dishes.
An offset dish (See below) is oval and is higher than it is wide (some are wider than they are high).
They use either one feed support arm (at the bottom of the dish - see bottom left hand picture) or 3
feed support arms (again all in the bottom 1/2 of the dish - see bottom right hand picture).
Many offset dishes use a standard 40mm clamp LNB but some more expensive specialised offset dishes
also use a feedhorn If a feedhorn is used, a c120 flange LNB is bolted to it.

Offset dish with one support arm Offset dish with three support arm

Prime Focus Dish

As a general rule the two types of dishes are simply two ways of doing the same job, however, an offset
dish, if well engineered, usually has significantly more gain than the prime focus dish. It is never
really that simple. It is true that petalised offset dishes usually have poor gain but a one-piece
well engineered prime focus dish can be better than a poorly engineered offset dish and some very
good prime focus dishes can have the same gain as a good offset dish of the same size.
As usual you get what you pay for. Cheap prime focus petalised dishes are to be
avoided and we don't sell them.
Prime focus dishes probably look better than offset dishes as they point upwards.

Update Feb. 2011 -
See our new 1.4m prime focus dishes at fixed 1.4m prime focus dish and motorised 1.4m prime focus dish
These prime focus dishes wll soon be available with C Band LNB options using the products on this page.

Primesat 1.4m Dish Primesat 1.4m Dish

(All prices on this web site include VAT.)

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